1Non-Tech Renting Apartments

We as a company are proud to give our customers very best of apartment rentals in your area. Apartments in offer are spacious, location wise - GREAT, and very healthy in terms of materials used in construction. Living in our renting apartments is one great experience. Since we only pick very best - location ,view ,and neighborhood. We emphasis healthy life so in our offers you'll probably will have route to nearby organic market place.

2Collaboration with other Rental Agencies

Our company is very open to collaborating with other agencies in city we do business in. Our business plan is also alluring ,and working with other rent businesses is great move. Our customer base is very happy about this. In doing this we expand our offer range ,from business people apartments that are close to their workplace, to families big houses in suburbs. Its matter of customer choice, and customer is #1 priority in our company.

3Quick and Easy Customer Service

Upon entering your personal information in one of our pages , we will email out brochure. After you fill out and choose what you want for your rental to have, our database and agent will process this data and call or email you back in few hours with proposition. Location, view, house or condo, neighborhood ,commuting paths etc. Its YOUR choice with Non-Tech-City.


“Just upon entering my info on main page ,I got called like two hours after. I've always wanted to live in downtown area since my office is there. They've set me up in two days , and i was already a resident in a building one block away from my office. Its just great how my life improved. I now have more free time ,since i don't spend hour driving back to my house. Non-Tech-City Rentals are great agency to work with!”

-Martha Grey ,Calgary AB

“Me and my wife always wanted a big house ,suburb like house for our kids. We've been living on outskirts in this small condo. It was pain to just be there with all of us. After i got promoted we wanted a change, and with Non-Tech Rentals on our side ,this really came easy. There was this houses 15 minutes away from nearby school for our kids, and some 30 minutes away from office. The most beautiful house me and my wife ever seen. We fell in love the second we saw it. We had option to see 3 more houses in same neighborhood ,but i we made our choice. Non-Tech Rentals are really fast and great people to work with.”

-Bob Steel ,Calgary AB

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